Hello world!

I don’t know where this adventure might take us. I do know we need to start stepping.  Writing won’t be secondary or tertiary in my life anymore.  However, there’s a time to bury my head in drafts, and there’s a time to open up and offer my experience to a huge community of folks on the same journey.

Some background: I’m an IT nerd who writes documentation and interfaces with customers via email on a regular basis. I’ve also been scribbling stories in notebooks and on laptops for more than half my life. I have experience with a broad spectrum of writing- from professional to silly, technical to fantastical. I can help you write killer documentation and killer fiction.  I’ve helped people ace job interviews, get their work published, and write blog posts that get them noticed.

I don’t just want to hand down tips from on high, though- teaching and learning should always be collaborative.  I want everyone to chime in, whether they agree or respectfully disagree (let’s keep flamewars to a minimum, shall we?).  My intention is to start with weekly posts discussing writing/publishing advice that’s helped me, along with advice that hasn’t helped, and hear from you on the same.  Similarly, we could talk about things we’re really good at (ex. imagery), things we’re not so good at (ex. fight scenes), and help each other out on those.  Finally, I might solicit you to share passages or works in progress if you want commentary from me and/or others.  If I’m feeling really brave, I might give you some of my WIPs to check out. These intentions may mutate drastically over time- we’ll see!

There’s very little I’m not open to discussing, but I will say right now that I have no experience with Romance or Adult material.  Some of the advice offered here may be general enough to still be of help to you, but please don’t expect any targeted discussions on those genres for now (maybe someday we’ll have regular blog visitors who can help with those).  My own fiction tends toward Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, Noir, and Western.  My non-fiction skills are in IT-related items like product documentation and instructions, as well as resumes and cover letters.

If you have a request for a future blog post topic, say so in the comments or email me!