Book Club Visit + Harbingers Update


What a great group! I’m second from the right, desperately skimming my manuscript for an answer to someone’s question.

Taking a brief break from Harbingers edits (I’m still working on it, promise!), I headed south to Washington, PA to meet up with a book club who chose to read Blood’s Force for the month of October.

My very first book-related event! How exciting—but you bet I was nervous! Fortunately, this was a great group of ladies to cut my teeth on, so to speak. They were very sweet and asked wonderful questions, especially about science fiction and my research process (which I’ve written about here). I enjoyed sharing my rationale for different things, as well as hearing their feedback. (Like, “I’m glad you gave Ingvar to Jess! She deserved it.” LOL)

I also signed some books while I was at it!


And now back to Harbingers editing and rewrites! :) I have all my notes back from my editor, and am 2/3 done with my current pass. After this, I anticipate one more pass over everything to make sure it gels, which should go quick. I’m not sure whether I’ll finish this year, or if it’ll bleed into 2017. Rest assured, I’m doing my best to get it right and get it out the door in a timely manner! :)