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2015 Comfort Zone Challenge Update: Oops

waterfallSince we’re nearly at mid-year (wow!), I figured an update here would be in order. Along with a bit of an oops/apology.

My original plan was to keep pursuing sword-fighting, and add some target practice. Well, for various reasons, both of these opportunities are no longer viable for me.

Oh well! I’m moving on to others.

The most challenging thing I’ve started recently is seeing a therapist for lifelong anxiety-related issues. Even with leaving my job, these issues weren’t going away, and were threatening to overshadow activities I truly enjoy. My work on this so far has been really helpful- and it is work, facing down the demon lurking behind each problem and taking steps to slay it. So far, so good though. I’m really glad I started going.

I’m also taking the doctrines of tidying and essentialism to heart- basically, filtering down to the bare essentials of both possessions and tasks. While I’m not a hoarder or a slob, I do have many sentimental items I’ve accumulated since high school, hidden up in my attic, that I can’t bring myself to part with. The challenge will be to accept that I’ve moved on as a person, and let those items go. Or, decide I do want them back in my life, and make room for them by getting rid of things I truly don’t need.

That’s where I stand at the moment! Have you undertaken anything that challenges you this year? Let me know in the comments!

2015 Comfort Zone Challenge

zoey-left-4-deadBetween my German longsword and .22 revolver, I’ll be ready for the next zombie apocalypse.

We all need nudges out of our comfort zone sometimes. Trying new things, talking to new people, pushing ourselves to achieve stuff we’ve never done before- all of these help us become more interesting people. And interesting people have great stories to tell- which also makes them better writers!

So here’s my call to action: choose at least one new thing to try this year (but really, the more the better). Give it a fair shake. If you like it, great! If not, at least that’s one fewer regret you’ll have later in life. Personally, I’d rather have a ton of “Oh wells” racked up by the end than “What ifs.”

I’m still continuing swordfighting, which I took up late last year. What I’d like to add this year: target practice with firearms.

Our family unit owns a rifle and a revolver. I’ve shot the rifle once, and the revolver never. This is partly because I live in a city with no easily accessible ranges (the ones that exist require you to know a member, and go through a big process to become a member yourself). Even if you drive out to the sticks, it’s not exactly wise to just pull over to the side of the road in a spot that looks clear.

I now have an opportunity to drive to a neighboring state, where a friend owns some land and has his own range set up. So, I’d like to head out there and do some shooting some weekend this year, preferably when it’s warmer. I’m especially keen on reviewing safety measures… and if I get to try out some of my friend’s arsenal, I’m not exactly gonna complain.

My primary motivations are gaining competence in something new, spending time in a state I haven’t spent much time in, getting a little dose of rural life (shudder!), and having fun with friends and family.

…And really, the zombies won’t stand a chance.

What do you want to try this year? Throw down the gauntlet, then get out there and do it!