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"An intriguing mix of future and past ... the characters drew me in as much as the setting." - Kendric Beachey

The scientific past holds the key to saving the superstitious present. Dame Jessamine, a knight errant with a spaceship for a steed, must uncover ancient technology and know-how while avoiding deadly accusations of witchcraft.

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In Perpetuity Cover

In Perpetuity

Shortsightedness on Earth threatens the preservation of mankind's legacy on the Moon. In protest, a scientist vanishes from the Lunar research base. Two researchers and friends must work together to save his life—and possibly their own. First published in the May 2014 issue of Analog Science Fiction And Fact.

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Retiring the Gods Cover

Retiring the Gods

When the major gods of religions past and present become too old to rule, they find themselves condemned to the same retirement home on Earth. Rivalry, pettiness, and hilarity ensue! This irreverent short story collection is continuously updated as mood and time permit.

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